Lovely Dancing #2


She won't stop saying that she isn't apart of my blog enough so. I added her into this one.

So about twoish. Maybe three. I have an extremely bad sense of time. Wait. 2012?.... kidding. Week ago I wrote Lovely Dancing #1. <----- Click it! But then come back and read this... So. I put all my pictures up from Preference, and now you want the whole story. Alright.

Friday. Approximately 5:30 pm.
We went to our high school's rivalry game. Woot woot we won. Whooped a freakin' do. I knew we were going to win so it wasn't a shock. Sure it was fun. Don't get me wrong I like school sport games. But when you are sitting next to somebody that has very stinky
[] arpits [] feet [] breath [x] all of the above mixed together

it just...
8:00 pm.
After the most amazing game ever sarcasm we went to the best place in the entire world. ENTIRE world. Nickle city. or. The nickle arcade. YES. I've probably discussed my obsession with this place. But I'm obsessed. 
It's this ghetto arcade with about a million nickle arcade games. I only play the ones where you have a one in a trillion chance in wining the jackpot by getting a ridiculously large ball into a a monster's mouth the size of a fingernail. It just never happens. But I am addicted. And I have gotten Bryce hooked on them also. Let's just get this clear. I am SO grateful my religion doesn't gamble. Or else I would be in the deepest doo doo ever. 

But this addiction got as 3,792 tickets.
I'm so proud of us.

Here's how it worked.
I won jackpots.
So did Bryce.
Jackpots + Jackpots = A lot of Jackpots.
A lot of Jackpots = A lot of tickets.
A lot of tickets = 3,792 tickets.
3,732 tickets = :)

I totally realized that was last time we went.
NOT for Preference. 
I was totally leading you astray.

That picture was from Preference though...
Wow. I feel bad...
So we did that.
And it was the best day date ever.
Day dates.
I don't understand them. 
I'm going to a nice formal dance with you. I don't want to spend my whole day/weekend with you!
Except for you Bryce. I spend most of my time with you. So our day date was fantastic. Don't get your panties in a wad! I hope you don't wear panties...
But really. 
I personally think they are a waste. If you are just going to the dance as friends or whatever. Why spend more money on your date. And don't make them sick of you! You can only tell them about your dead grandma's evil cat so many times! Just stop the madness.

But. This was the best day date. Because we did the best thing. And Bryce had the best date ever... Kidding. I'm not that full of it.

Saturday. 5:30 pm. 
Oh Goodness. 
I never knew a sister could take so many pictures.
I went to pick up Bryce at his house. *Remember this was a girls choice.*
And this was a family affair. Everyone was there. 
Well hello family!
I'm Sam. And I'm in this little tight black dress with red high heels and I'm going to take your son on a date...
I know his family so it was all good. 
But Bryce and I stood still for a good ten minutes. And his sister must have taken well over two hundred pictures of us. 90 % of them probably look identical to the one before it and after it. But it was all good, UNTIL.
I totally almost slipped. 
Twenty minutes with my heels on and I slip?!
So my heels had no grip on the bottom and they were like six inches high. So we were done with pictures, and we were walking towards the door. I stepped on the tile. BAM. All of the sudden I'm on one foot, and slowly falling to my death until my quick thinking and ninja like skills save me and I grab the table closest to me. I looked over. And most of the family, myself included had a stunned look on their face with their mouths wide open. Time froze. Whew. Dodged a bullet there.

So. That was that moment. 
We drove to dinner. In a freaking blizzard! 
Here I am. 
With perfectly straitened hair. 
A short dress.
Super high heels.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Really? Mother nature! I'll get back at you. I'll go litter or cut down a tree or something that will potentially harm you and all the baby animals that reside in your dirt and trees! 
I love how Utah had little to zero amounts of snow. And then... well little white pieces of heck rain down. ARGH.

6:15 pm.
We went to PF Changs. SOOO good.
Soo good. 
I love food. Who doesn't I mean honestly? It's so amazing. 
Two girls were stood up.

These boys didn't know were they live.

Bryce R. is the bestest in the whole world (Hack by Bryce)
Thanks for that Bryce...

Okay well so they didn't know where they lived.
So they were telling each other what street to turn on.

They finally met us at PF Changs. They weren't even worth all the trouble.
Poor girls.

I ordered all the food. Pretty much I should be a food critic or sometime amazingly delicious. MMM.
Oh. I almost forgot. Bryce and myself were the first ones to get there. You know how I nearly face planted it over at Bryce's house? well. I walked in to PF and the floors were tile. And there were people in every square inch of this place. All of them staring at me. A thousand beady eyes looking at my shoes to my face to my dress to my shoes again.

  I was slipping left and right. 
Round and round.
This is what I looked like.

I finally scooted myself over to the desk. Where I ran into it. 

You know when you are rollerblading/skating and you can't stop so you run into the poll as an attempt to slow yourself down?
Well I do.
That's how this went down at PF but I wasn't wearing 80's getup, I was wearing a dress. 
How awkward is that?
It was awesome!

Pretty much we ate a ton.
And that was it.
Other than the whole sliding around like a islander on ice.  

The dance.
El Danco. Is that realo spanisho? Who knowso. Si, Io do believar ifo youo putar an o or ar on the endar of a wordo theno it's spanisho.

It was amazing.
I love dancing. because all I really do is jump around and sing at the top of my lungs.
And well who doesn't love that?
I love slow dancing.
Because I make Bryce twirl me around and prance. I just feel like a five year old princess. 

A princess being twirled 
by dearly cute prince.
Lovely love.
A fancy dress.
Glimmering lights.
And the atmosphere just dense
with love and butterflies.

Oh goodness.
Sometimes I just crack myself up.

So the dance in general was fun.
Until the very last song.

The second to last son was a slow song. So after that we left.
Little did I know the ground was wet.
And little did my body hit the ground softly.
RIGHT in front of the door, RIGHT in front of people, RIGHT in the only light in the whole stinking room.
I sat there. Wondering how in the heck I managed to only "slide" by not falling on my face. get it..? And yet at the very end of the night I fell. 

Oh well. 

So that was that. 
And people laughed.
And so did I. Because well. Hey. A tall blonde girl falling is funny. Right?

I just love dances. 
And I had the best date.

So that is it.
-Girl on my butt.

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