Living the lifeeee. (:

Today, was great.
Today, was stressful.
Today, was funny.
Today, was awkward.
Today, was sad.
Today, made me mad.
So mad.
Not only am I mad, I feel bad! Soo bad. Things have happened in the past week, that have made me change my mind on a couple of things and people, and it is stressing me out! And stress makes me sad. But it's part of life, and I'll live.

I guess living, can be hard.

Actually, I know that life is hard.
We've always been told that life is hard. We probably have been told this every single day.


well goodbye snow.

the snow is gone already!
crazy. i swear, utah is the puberty state! it has mood changes ever ten minutes!
oh well. it will be back tomorrow! ha.
tonight is going to be my final day of range for drivers ed! ah! i am so excited! but scared. i mean what if i totally mess up and hit the gas instead of the brake and run over 20 cones!
ah!! I think i think too much. yes, yes, i do.
end of the term!
the end of the term is ALWAYS the worst! and I'm getting the worst grades I have ever gotten! 2 b's! :( so sad. but the thing is, is that I'm trying my hardest! oh well.
HALLOWEEN: sunday! yay! I sure do love halloween. getting closer and closer to the amazing day! but the thing is, since i live in utah, everyone is going to go trick-or-treating on saturday, so technically we only have two days left!
ps. sorry about the captilization, spelling, sentence, blah blah blah errors, i'm too lazy to fix them!


wowza. this has taken me a while.

well it has been forever! I have decided to write today, because today is a very special day. While dragging myself out of my bed, and resisting the temptation to follow gravity's pull and sleep a little more, I looked out of the window. And a white sheet of confetti was dropped from heaven last night. It is amazing! I love the winter. Now, I don't enjoy the moments of gross gray slush and soggy boots, with the wind smacking little pieces of ice on your face. But everything about winter and the fall season I LOVE! Here are somethings that I absolutely love about the chilly seasons:

  • the smells! I can just imagine walking into my house and the smell of winter!
  • the Christmas songs! ah! they are just so contagious!
  • hoodies, the best piece of clothing God came up with.
  • tans start going away, and then I'm not THAT white compared to most.
  • the glow at night outside! amazing! during the winter , i don't think anyone can be scared of the dark!
  • The Christmas Story, one of the best movies ever, hands down.
  • my birthday!
and those are just a few!