Welcome back.

So glad I'm back,
And I hope you are also.

There are so many things that you and I need to discuss and I have all the time in the world to discuss it. Becauseee Bryce is out of town for a good week. So you and I will be getting to know each other a little better. 

Remember that young man that you and I found around October?
I then started to hang with him and eventually we went to a fancy dance and wore fancy clothes in January?
Well that boy and I still enjoy each other more than other human beings that live on this earth.
In this short amount of time that you have been gone. Or. I have been gone. A lot has happened. 

We took multiple pictures
with my phone.
With his dear twin.
Didn't know he had a twin did ya?

We went on a hike.
In the gully behind his brand new house.
I bought him this shirt.
In Moab.
Scroll down.

We went to the greatest little/not so little
town called 


We had a blast.
My family are prestigious jeepers. 
And we thought we would let my dear boyfriend come with us down to Moab.
Before you judge me..
It wasn't scandalous in anyway possible.
He slept on a couch.
I slept in my room.
If you are thinking this is way weird please just stop.
It was my whole family that went down.
It wasn't anything crazy.
We were jeeping, getting dirty. I wasn't hot in anyway possible.
It was like camping. But not.
So don't judge us.
Anyways. It was so fun!
His family came down for the last day and whipped out their dirt bikes.
It was just grand.
I love jeeping.
And that green trucker hat that I'm sporting: totally made that. I know I know.
It's hot.

We went to a Jazz game.
Lower bowl.
All because we did my favorite thing in the world.
Bought clothes.

So we went to Fanzz.
Or whatever that dear sports store is.
And they gave us free tickets for being good lookin'
Kidding about that good looking part.
But not about the free tickets part.

I put his hair up cute like.
PS. My little sister Gracie in
the background makes this picture amazing.

I have officially changed my name to life size pillow.
This was after Bryce got his poor wisdom teeth removed.
Why would you want to get rid of wisdom? Especially in teeth.
Silly dentist. 
Speaking of wisdom teeth removal...

Trust me. Watch both of them.
It's so worth it.

Told you it was worth it.
You love me now don't you?
Bye Baby!


I'm Not Dead. Yet.

Oh heavens.
Hello, my name is Sam. And I do not know if you remember me.
There is a slight possibility that you don't. And if that is the case,
Then throw me into the river and call me Donald. 
I am so sorry that I have been gone.
I had to do something for myself though. Not that this blog isn't for me. But I had to focus on my school work. I am so overly stressed that I feel as if I need to use the correct punctuation marks on my blog post. When, as you know, is never the circumstance. School has gotten to me. And I want to cry. Today is May 23rd. Only two more days til freedom and Summer. Yet, I feel like it is coming way to fast, and my days of fixing my grades are dwindling right in front of my "not so perfect without contacts" vision. I'm a junior in high school. Next year is it. That it. Senior year. Then they throw me into the real world and don't give me a second chance.
If you know any second grader that is willing to trade me lives please contact me at: 1800-helpsam. 

I seriously am so scared for the future.

Here are some things that you may have missed in my recent and long absence.

School. Well. You didn't really miss out on anything.

and honestly. That's about it.

I'm living a pretty busy life right now. But at the same time. I'm not really doing anything.

Right now. I have finals to study my head organ out on. ps. that's the brain.
So I just wrote this to tell you that I am alive.

I have many things to ramble on about. Waking up at 5 o'clock every morning. My new look. Bryce - yes dear bloggers, still going strong. My junior year. Summer jobs. Weight. And much more.

I PROMISE. I'll be back. I will.
In T-minus never really understood what that means. Do you? two days. I will be typing up a good o'e "I'm a teenage girl sarcastically talking about how usually great my life sometimes is" post.

In the mean time look at this picture of me and pray. Because dearies. I will not be this pretty for the next couple days of finals. My outer beauty is slowly dwindling as my eyes rest upon a new test. 

Oh. And on Saturday, I'll show you what I've been really looking like this week. Sheesh. Don't cry.

Mrs. Jean