I have never been so frustrated as I am right now, in this very moment.

I feel like I have to cry, but I also feel a if I should punch someone.

I understand life isn't perfect.

Heck, life is never going to be perfect.

There are people who are going to annoy you.

You are always going to have that one zit.

School will always be there, torturing you.

I'm so frustrated right now that I'm hitting enter after every sentence. I'll stop now.

Letting someone go and letting someone new come in your life can both be equally hard.
Let's just say that I had to endure the pain of both.
Letting someone go is letting go of all the memories, happines, laughs, moments, inside jokes, a shoulder to cry on. It's never fun.
Letting some new come in, can be easy, and it can be hard. You have to build trust with this person. You have to test the waters, and see what makes them feel comfortable or not. It can be a very frustrating thing to do.

Sometimes you let people go the wrong way, and sometimes you let people come in the wrong way. Sometimes you let people go because more people are coming in. And in my eyes, that is wrong. Why push someone aside just for someone else?

I'm afraid that I have made this mistake, very recently. But right now it doesn't seem like a mistake. It seems like something that I am so looking forward too. Hopefully, I will never see it as a mistake. Maybe, I made the right decision kicking one person out for another. I hope that i won't regret it. By the looks of it, I won't, and hopefully that won't change. Dear person, don't let me regret bringing you into my life. Dear other person, I'm sorry for kicking you out, I miss you.

Uh-oh SpaghettiOs.
-Sammie Sosa.