This is a Story of a Girl.

I turn sixteen in four days. And let's just say, I am not ready for it. I'm slightly scared.
Just slightly.
Fifteen years has been everything I have ever hoped for. The sad thing is that I can never ever take it back. Ever. Sometimes, I wish that I could go back and change things around, stop time, stayed for that one more second, turned around, said those things. But, overall everything happens for a reason, and I know that some of my regrets were supposed to happen, to teach me to never do those things again. I guess it is somewhat shocking. In fifteen years I will be thirty. Wow. I only have three more years (as of Friday) to be a teenager. I wish I could just be five again. Five was a great year. No worries. No drama. No school. Just fun. Goodbye fifteen, I will never see you again, I'll miss you. You brought upon many tears, but many many laughs, giggles, smiles, friends, and life. I won't miss the hard things you gave me. I won't miss the time you thought it was right to give me a boy to break my heart and mend it just to break it again. I won't miss the time you gave my a broken ankle. I won't miss how you took away my best friends from me, because of seperate high schools. I won't miss the school work. I won't miss the day I had to leave EFY and some of my best friends. I won't miss getting hit in the face with the softball. I won't miss the time my grandma told me I suck at singing. I won't miss the awkward moments when you don't know anyone in you new class. I won't miss the time you thought you should start giving my A-'s in my school work. But fifteen, I am so grateful for you, you gave me one of the best years I have ever had. Thank you for EFY, Girl's Camp, and Softball camp. Thank you for the family reuinions. Thank you for keeping my grandparents with me for another year. Thank you for all the softball games, and the teammates. Thank you for that little awkward boy that was there on my birthday. Thank you for ninth grade, which was one of the best years so far. Thank you for the great grades. Thank you for teaching me a lesson about love. Thank you for showing me that friends are always going to be there for me. Thank you for Moab. Thank you for all my friendships that have been made stronger. Thank you for helping me realize that I am a daughter of God. Thank you for showing me some great music. Thank you for my first loopty-loop roller coaster, and loving it. Thank you for Bro. Darrington. Thank you for helping me get over my fear of clowns, roller coasters, and lightning. Thank you for the Featherstones, and our many adventures. Thank you for helping me grow up, but still remain a little kid.

So fifteen, thanks for being great.


two weeks.

2 weeks.

14 days.

336 hours.

20,160 minutes.

1,209,600 seconds.

Until my birthday.
yes. (:
I don't think I've been this excited in a little while.
I just can't wait to feel free, which I'm hoping I will.
So I was thinking, just thinking, and that song Fifteen by Taylor Swift came on. And it made me so sad! That song will now longer describe my life. In the last fifteen years I have experienced some great things. And I will never be able to go back and change anything. Ever. I guess that scares me. A whole fifteen years that are permanent. unchangeable. My goal right now, is to make the the next fifteen years permanent and unforgettable.



So. My head hurts like crazy right now.
Young Womens/Young Mens starts in ten minutes. But I'm not going. I would rather lie in my bed with a headache, than stand there with girls giggling and boys playing basketball with a headache.
I am going to sound like a sixth grade girl in this part.

There is this boy.

Oh yeah.
And his muscles are very very acceptable.
Which sounds shallow. But, it's not.
I love guys that are big, if it's either muscles, or a little flab and muscles.
I don't care.
I love them either way.
Yeah. So this guy is perfect.
Thanks perfect guy for being so perfect. You will never know how perfect you are. (:


new boys.

new boys!
New crushes.
New awkwardness.
New eye contact.
New texting.
New Facebook friends.
New dreams.
New love songs.
New heart poundings
New thoughts.
New hugs.
New everything.

I love when there is a new boy.
New boys are the best.
I feel like I am five again. I love being five. (:
I wish I could stay five forever.
But instead. I am fifteen.
and sixteen in eighteen days!!!

I can't wait to be sixteen.
so then.
I can take that new boy
on a new date.
and everything can be new.


family love.

Fun on the computer. (:
introducing. our new family member. Dr. Pepper.
He solves all of our problems. because well, he's a doctor.
George, Max, Dr. Pepper, and me.
This is what usually starts happening when I babysit: chaos.