My Teenhood.

First and foremost, I don't think teenhood is a word.

And if that doesn't explain who I am then I don't know what will.

My name is Samantha Jean.
Also known as Sam.

I'm sixteen.

I live in Utah.
And always have.
And I don't mind.

My eyes change color, usually between blue and green

I have blonde hair.

I sometimes wish that I grew up in the middle of nowhere
Other times I wish I grew up in the city.
But I'm actually growing up in regular town suburb thingy.

I'm 5'9.5"

I like to think that I can both ski and snowboard.

I've kissed 3 and 1/2 boys.
Yes it is possible.

When I clean I have to play Dave Mathews Band because that's what my mom did when I was little.

I inspire to be an English teacher
even though I don't believe in grammar rules.
Or punctuation, now that I think about it.

Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist in the world.

I danced for BYU's modern dance company for almost eight years.

Poems aren't really my thing, but I try.

I belong to the LDS church.

My favorite color changes about every new moon.
Right now it's turquoise.

I hate texting.
So call me, please.

I care about animals feelings.
I cry every time I watch Charlotte's Web.

I've slept with the same stuff animal for the last 11 years.
It's Shamu.

I am terrified of needles.
Like I scream and cry.

I've never been out of the country.

I like men. Maybe a little too much.

I love Asians.
And I wish I could be one.
And no. It's not racist.

I love meeting new people.
Like a whole lot.
Will you do me a favor?

Leave a comment telling me a couple things about yourself.
And if you have a blog.
Then tell me what it is.
Because then I could read it.
And we could be best friends.
Thanks. (:


  1. Hi Sam, My name is Meghan Anna, better known as Meghan(:
    I'm 19, live in Minnesnowta, always have, and maybe always will. I don't mind it...most of the time. I grew up in the city with my mom and the country with my dad and now live with my dad in the country, I love the country life :D I love men, and I don't think it's possible to love them too much, and if it is, I guess I don't care. I do have a blog, you can visit it at & I found you when you were featured on FTLOB, and p.s. I <3 sarcasm. My art of choice :D

  2. Hey Sammy. My name is Reagan. But I think you already knew that. Ya know.. since I live like around the corner from you... But anyways yes I have a blog. Alexis and I do it together. You know her too. :)

    And btw... Your blog makes my day:))

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