I am not Treking.

Right now, it's early in the morning, or late in the night. You can choose. Anyways. The reason I am up so late is because mono has screwed up my mental clock, and my stomach hurts. So I'm lying here with nothing to do, other than type down my random thoughts and feelings.
I'm tired. Really tired, but when I try to go to bed my mind won't stop racing. That has never really happened to me. Except, the past week or two... And I have no idea why. It's weird. I just lay there. I don't really think about anything, but at the same time, I think about everything. Actually my mind is sorta doing it right now. And let me tell you. It is annoying.

Did I mention my stomach hurts? Ya, it hurts a lot. And I think I know why.

So tonight, Jonathan, Nathan, and I went to Orange Leaf, a trendy place to get delectable frozen yogurts with toppings beyond your wildest dreams. Now, I'm allergic to dairy, and it isn't THAT smart to be eating frozen yogurt, I know, I know. But, being the ambitious rebel that I am, I went ahead and indulged. Afterwords, we went and had a grand old time on my tramp. Let me tell you something, I love Jonathan and Nathan so much, and sometimes I think we are a little too comfortable with each other.

Did you know that each other isn't one word? Why have I not known that? And why did I have to find out through auto correct? I guess my third grade teachers didn't do a very good job. sheesh.

Back to typing...
So on the tramp. We had fun. A lot of fun. Except when these silly little boys hold me down and steal my phone and call people. I hope they enjoyed that moment. Because as long as I'm in a responding state, they will never get the chance again. So, I guess the point of this is just to say how much I love those boys. So ya.

The title of my post corresponds with the fact that all the ward youth went to trek on Monday and they got back today. They all had a great experience. Whoopididoo. I am bummed that my unwanted mono stopped me from going on this one in a life time chance. But, everything happens for a reason.....right?


Hopefully there is a reason I didn't go on trek. Hopefully there is a reason I received the wonderful gift of mono. And hopefully there is a reason I am laying here staring at a screen that is slowly tiring my eyes.

- Sammie the Sick.


I'm in love.

Yes. I am. I am in love with Summer.

Sheesh. This is a summer for the record books. I don't really want to write that much. But, knowing myself, I will write quite a lot.
Alright well Summer has been good. Really good. Too good actually. Is that possible? Can something be too good? Because if it is possible then this Summer has been too good. What is my favorite thing? Driving with the windows down, my granny sunglasses on, a good friend in the passenger seat, while singing along with music. Poor Lexi, this often happens to her, she has to constantly listen to my "wonderful" singing. Same with Jonah, but I don't mind, because I don't really think he minds, which is one of the reasons I love him. A couple days ago, Lexi and I lasted a whole day on a bag of quarters. We actually got a lot.... a Snowie, make-up, fingernail polish, and two large fries. It seems like this Summer, most of the nights have ended up on the tramp looking up at the stars. I wish I could just pause those moments.
Right now, I am listening to Sheryl Crow. ohh Sheryl. Whenever I listen to you my mind goes back to the all those times in my old house in my basement, with the green carpets, when I would dance and sing along with her.
Oh that old house. I miss it a little too much. Don't get me wrong, I love my house. But my old house has so many memories in it.
Anyways. I'm dreading school. School is going to ruin my Summer.


Later Alligator-
Kid #1



I hope you aren't serious. Oh my guac. (yes as in guacamole). WHY? please. Good gracious. Someone hit me with a hard object and knock me out for a good eight hours so I have time to calm down. PLEASE. Sheesh. Okay. People. Yes, people need to learn how to do their OWN thing. Not copy others. I mean seriously, get your own life, do your own thing. Just because someone does something doesn't mean it's cool and that you should do it. Just cause they are talking about getting something doesn't mean you have to go get it! Sometimes I wish I was my own person. But right now, at this moment, I'm two people. I'm just asking someone to stop. Just stop. Okay. I'm done.

Lexi and I had a little adventure today. So we drove around, and that's about it. When all of the sudden we decided that my car need a flower to go in the flower holder. Obviously. So we went to Wal-Fart. Yes, Wal-Fart. We bought this huge white flower and started walking towards the exit, when out of the corner of my wee little eye I saw a ginger. Gingers, they have always caught my eye, I mean heck! they are defective. So I looked over and there is one of Kyle's good friends. And right next to him was the man himself, Kyle. I screamed inside a little, grabbed Lexi and ever so smoothly (not) went to the returns table. They turned around and headed towards an exit, so we went to the other exit. The best part is, is that their car is in the same lane as mine! So our paths crossed while we walked to our car. To avoid eye-contact...Lexi and I somewhat ran. We dove into my car and screamed. It turns out they heard us scream. Awesome.

Why am I so awkward when it comes to Kyle? Wait. I know why. duh.

Ohh thank goodness for Jonah. He called me, and I went on and on for about an hour and a half about Kyle. I'm guessing that's not the first thing you want to talk to your girlfriend about. Just a guess. Jonah has too much patience. Yes, it is possible. Jonah, right now, as I type is at EFY. And, I miss him. So Jonah, come back fast. Thanks.

Pip Pip
-The great Sambini.