The season of HOT


Who knew a word could create such emotions.

When someone says Summer, what exactly goes through your head? Do you think of the past? Or that one time the Ice Cream Man gave away free ice cream, which slowly melted down your throat? Do you think of the future and all of the things to come? What about Summer loves? Sleeping in?

There is so much to think about and appreciate about Summer, but also there is a bitter side of Summer that isn't that well known. Here are some things, as a teen, that I adore and despise of the season we call Summer.

Summer. Even the word is just plain amazing.

Tanning. If only I could get a tan on my legs, but for the moment, and for forever my legs will be as white as my dentists teeth.

Jonah. This summer I have to spend approximately six weeks away from Jonah. Now, to some people six weeks doesn't seem long, but to me six weeks seems like too long. Way too long. You have to understand how I feel about this kid. I am completely giddy. Yes, giddy. Just the thought of him plasters a smile on my face, from ear to ear. I'm crazy about this kid. Plain crazy. There is a good thing about Summer though, when it comes to Jonah. I get to spend crazy amounts of time with him. Which he probably hates, and will be sick of me by the end of Summer... or, he already is sick of me, but I don't care. I love being with him. ps. I'm not a stalker, I promise.

Seven Peaks. I LOVE IT. but I also hate it. I have a love hate relationship with a dear water park called Seven Peaks. I love the sun, the water, the slides, the fun. But, I hate the swimming suits. and I hate those skinny girls that prance around in their itsy bitsy bikinis and are able to feel comfortable. Darn those girls. I have a pretty high self-confidence. But when it comes to this. No. I love me, and I love my body and it's curves. But if I'm in line next to this stick wearing almost nothing.. shoot me.

Sleeping in. I wish I could sleep in. But my parents, being as cool as they are, won't let me. Okay okay, my idea of sleeping in is waking up around oneish..

My Balcony. In my room I have a balcony. I love love love sleeping with it open, even though I have an irrational fear of the vines coming in through my door and choking me to death.

Allergies. Simply enough. They suck.

Trampolines. I love them. I love jumping on them. I love jumping on them with Lexi. I love jumping on them with my family. I love jumping on the with Jonah. I love sitting on them with a group of friends, and talking. I love looking at the stars on them. Watching stars on the tramp always makes the stars a little brighter and a little closer.

Sweat. Sweat, not sweet. I hate it when people mix those up. I mean seriously it isn't that hard to spell sweat is it? Anyways. Sweating sucks. A lot. It's gross, natural, sticky, stinky, and just plain yucky.

Night Games. Fun. Fun. Fun. My favorite memory of night games you ask? Ahh man. About two years ago, I was sleeping over at Amberly Bradford's house. So myself, Amberly, and her older sister, Brittney went doorbell ditching. Which is a totally adolescent thing to do. But hey, who cares. We went to the Harris's house. and rang to doorbell, we booked it and hid behind the fence (it was a small, mini fence), while Brittney hid behind their boat. Bro. Harris came outside and left the door open, so Brittney couldn't run over to us, because she was on the other side of the house. All of the sudden the garage door opened and we see Bro. Harris. So, Brittney books it to us, and we all start running. We jumped over a fence, and I fell on my face. Their next door neighbor's automatic lights went off, and their HUGE dogs starting running after us and barking. I almost, almost. peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

Summer. I love you. I hate you. I hope I don't get sunburnt. But I already feel a sunburn coming on, and I'm inside. Crazy.

Adios mi amigo.

-Ms. Farr


the break of summer. sorta.

You thought this post was going to be about summer didn't you?
It's not.
It's a quiz.

These are all the characteristics that I would love to have in a boy. (:
mark all that apply to you.

[] Taller than 6 foot
[] Dark hair
[] No Freckles
[] Short hair
[] A little scruff
[] No tattoos
[] No piercings
[] Brown eyes
[] Lots of hair
[] Brunette
[] Strong
[] Tan
[] Can laugh at yourself
[] Protective
[] Accepting
[] Trustworthy
[] Honest
[] Romantic
[] blah blah blah... who cares.

I found this post half way finished while I was going through my old posts. This post, is about two months old. It needed some touch ups.... Sheesh. Is this pathetic. So I finished it off. With a good ol' who cares. I don't understand why we think we have this "type", why we think that people that look a certain way and act a certain way are the only people that we can be attracted to. It doesn't make any sense. See my boyfriend, Jonah isn't half of why I thought my physical "type" was. But he is so much better. Stop selling your short. Look at other people. Don't be shallow. There ya go.