what a great weekend. not.
from wednesday-friday. it was awesome.
I got my braces off.
Which is awesome.
I've gotten a lot of compliments, which is good. unless they are lying. which would suck.
We won our softball game. So we were rewarded, by not having practice for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT. which is a big deal. usually, by the end of practice I am throwing up. so two days of not throwing up? awesome. I'll take it.
What is going to happen when we get back?
A big butt whoopin?
Life is silly.
So is running around for practice. I mean really? What are we practicing? Running? WHY!? How much do we run in softball? Almost none. At least when you compare it too soccer or football. Silly. Silly. Silly.



I feel like a fly.
A fly that is trapped.
Trapped in a house.
I don't feel like a bird, birds are free, and their life's are long.
A fly is trapped inside a house, and I feel like the house I am trapped in is colorful and magnificent.
A flies life short, and when I say short I mean one month short.
I feel like a fly, stuck in a beautiful house full of wonder and enjoyment, except I am stuck, stuck in this house, and I will never get out. My life is short, with so much to do, and I will never do everything I want to. So I will sit there in that house, and do nothing with my month short life. I will buzz around, but that is about it. Nothing special, nothing amazing. A fly will never change someones life. A fly will never be remembered. A fly will be forgotten.

I don't want to be a fly. But right now, I sure do feel like one.