bones. and black something.

Well, about a month ago, I found myself sliding down the stairs, face first. At the end of the wonderful and painful slide, I laid on the ground for a while, until my ankle started to scream at me. And when I say scream, I don't mean a scream from a normal person, but get ten of me and then ask me: Why I ************. Then take out my insides and let them talk for me. And that scream will be the most powerful scream that will ever touch the delicate hairs inside your ears. That is how it felt, and while lying there, a small tear slowly rolled its way down until it touched the carpet. Now let me tell you a story about this carpet, it is an extremely important carpet, and as soon as the salty tear hit the ground, I lost it. I cried and cried, but my mom was in the car honking the horn (because I was late, as usual.) And it was terrible. I walked on it. And it hurt SO bad! My parents decided to believe me after that little incident. My doctor thought I broke off a piece of cartlidge in my ankle joint. So I used crutches for about three weeks. So I went to a different doctor, and he said it was actually bone that I broke off, and I went to get a MRI. So today the doctor called. Apparently it was an old injury and I did it a while ago. (I'm guessing it was one time while sliding wrong into the base during softball) And falling down the stairs was a "trigger point" which cause my body to actually notice that something was wrong, which caused massive amount of pain. And in order for my ankle to get better is to start walking on it! Which I am happy about because I get rid of the crutches! But if I walk on it then it can build it back up and make it stronger. And if that doesn't work then we have to look into surgery and or physical therapy. They also said that my ankle is always going to be bad and weak. And I have a huge chance of getting arthritis. Great. I don't really care though. I mean, things happen for a reason right? I sure hope so.
Video games. I hate them, so much. The only ones that I have actually found joy from were super old ones, like a Nintendo 64. Those ones are fun! Or any family game, like Wii fit, Mario Cart, Guitar Hero, Wii sports, Mario party, ones like that, ones that people who are any age can play them. What I hate is the "hard core" games that involve shooting, war, killing people, and so on. They are DUMB. And when boys get obsesed with them, oh man. I hate that. They should just go outside and have some real fun! Recently, all my guy friends have gotten OBSESSED over this game. Black Ops. I think that's what it is called. But lately that is all they talk about. "Dude! Get online as soon as you get home!" I think I have heard that key phrase about a billion times in the last week. And it is the most irritating thing, ever. Now I bet all of my guy friends are way sick of my friends and I talking about Justin Beiber or the Notebook, so I guess, this is their way of getting even, unidirectionally.