The Band Perry - If I Die Young

Country. I hate it. HATE it. But this song is such an amazing, great, inspirational song.
I really hope country isn't going to start growing on me. Because if it does, I will probably die.
Most country songs, are about love, tractors, dogs, dead girlfriends, or beer. And it drives me insane. But this song is a song about life, love, and family. Which is everything that counts.
I hope this song does not imply to me though. I plan on dying at the age of 87. In my sleep. Not when I'm young. I have to much things to acomplish in my life.


bones. and black something.

Well, about a month ago, I found myself sliding down the stairs, face first. At the end of the wonderful and painful slide, I laid on the ground for a while, until my ankle started to scream at me. And when I say scream, I don't mean a scream from a normal person, but get ten of me and then ask me: Why I ************. Then take out my insides and let them talk for me. And that scream will be the most powerful scream that will ever touch the delicate hairs inside your ears. That is how it felt, and while lying there, a small tear slowly rolled its way down until it touched the carpet. Now let me tell you a story about this carpet, it is an extremely important carpet, and as soon as the salty tear hit the ground, I lost it. I cried and cried, but my mom was in the car honking the horn (because I was late, as usual.) And it was terrible. I walked on it. And it hurt SO bad! My parents decided to believe me after that little incident. My doctor thought I broke off a piece of cartlidge in my ankle joint. So I used crutches for about three weeks. So I went to a different doctor, and he said it was actually bone that I broke off, and I went to get a MRI. So today the doctor called. Apparently it was an old injury and I did it a while ago. (I'm guessing it was one time while sliding wrong into the base during softball) And falling down the stairs was a "trigger point" which cause my body to actually notice that something was wrong, which caused massive amount of pain. And in order for my ankle to get better is to start walking on it! Which I am happy about because I get rid of the crutches! But if I walk on it then it can build it back up and make it stronger. And if that doesn't work then we have to look into surgery and or physical therapy. They also said that my ankle is always going to be bad and weak. And I have a huge chance of getting arthritis. Great. I don't really care though. I mean, things happen for a reason right? I sure hope so.
Video games. I hate them, so much. The only ones that I have actually found joy from were super old ones, like a Nintendo 64. Those ones are fun! Or any family game, like Wii fit, Mario Cart, Guitar Hero, Wii sports, Mario party, ones like that, ones that people who are any age can play them. What I hate is the "hard core" games that involve shooting, war, killing people, and so on. They are DUMB. And when boys get obsesed with them, oh man. I hate that. They should just go outside and have some real fun! Recently, all my guy friends have gotten OBSESSED over this game. Black Ops. I think that's what it is called. But lately that is all they talk about. "Dude! Get online as soon as you get home!" I think I have heard that key phrase about a billion times in the last week. And it is the most irritating thing, ever. Now I bet all of my guy friends are way sick of my friends and I talking about Justin Beiber or the Notebook, so I guess, this is their way of getting even, unidirectionally.


Living the lifeeee. (:

Today, was great.
Today, was stressful.
Today, was funny.
Today, was awkward.
Today, was sad.
Today, made me mad.
So mad.
Not only am I mad, I feel bad! Soo bad. Things have happened in the past week, that have made me change my mind on a couple of things and people, and it is stressing me out! And stress makes me sad. But it's part of life, and I'll live.

I guess living, can be hard.

Actually, I know that life is hard.
We've always been told that life is hard. We probably have been told this every single day.


well goodbye snow.

the snow is gone already!
crazy. i swear, utah is the puberty state! it has mood changes ever ten minutes!
oh well. it will be back tomorrow! ha.
tonight is going to be my final day of range for drivers ed! ah! i am so excited! but scared. i mean what if i totally mess up and hit the gas instead of the brake and run over 20 cones!
ah!! I think i think too much. yes, yes, i do.
end of the term!
the end of the term is ALWAYS the worst! and I'm getting the worst grades I have ever gotten! 2 b's! :( so sad. but the thing is, is that I'm trying my hardest! oh well.
HALLOWEEN: sunday! yay! I sure do love halloween. getting closer and closer to the amazing day! but the thing is, since i live in utah, everyone is going to go trick-or-treating on saturday, so technically we only have two days left!
ps. sorry about the captilization, spelling, sentence, blah blah blah errors, i'm too lazy to fix them!


wowza. this has taken me a while.

well it has been forever! I have decided to write today, because today is a very special day. While dragging myself out of my bed, and resisting the temptation to follow gravity's pull and sleep a little more, I looked out of the window. And a white sheet of confetti was dropped from heaven last night. It is amazing! I love the winter. Now, I don't enjoy the moments of gross gray slush and soggy boots, with the wind smacking little pieces of ice on your face. But everything about winter and the fall season I LOVE! Here are somethings that I absolutely love about the chilly seasons:

  • the smells! I can just imagine walking into my house and the smell of winter!
  • the Christmas songs! ah! they are just so contagious!
  • hoodies, the best piece of clothing God came up with.
  • tans start going away, and then I'm not THAT white compared to most.
  • the glow at night outside! amazing! during the winter , i don't think anyone can be scared of the dark!
  • The Christmas Story, one of the best movies ever, hands down.
  • my birthday!
and those are just a few!


to love or not to love. that is the question.

so i have so many feelings today. crazy ones. ones that make my heart beat out of my chest, and other ones that make me want to punch some people in their cute little faces. (: I was able to miss my first class, Spanish, and was able to go to my second class, AP Human Geography. yah! ): So right off the bat i was not in a good mood. There is only two things that are good in my AP class. and I cant really say them on here. for fear of people reading it. ha.
So it is the season of love. and i love it. here are ten things that i love about valentines day:

10. secret admirers.
9. roses. preferably white and pink ones.
8. when the person you like, likes you back. and you both know. and it isn't awkward.
7. chocolates.
6. cheapo spiderman valentines.
5. teachers that are in a good mood.
4. heart shaped things. balloons. candies. cards. chocolates. pancakes.
3. hugs. the percent of hugs increase by 48% on valentines day. ha. just kidding. (:
2. happiness.
1. old people who are still in love after 50 years.

but sometimes i forget all about these things. and i have to say. screw valentines day. (: but not this year.....


100 things.

so I've decided to make a list of 100 things i want to do before i die...

1. make a basketball shot from the half-court line.

2. find a four leaf clover.

3. paint my garage door aqua.

4. read a whole college text book and actually like it.

5. make a collage out of candy wrappers.

6. help somebody that has just lost a love one.

7. sing, and not care about what other people think about my horrible singing.

8. go to the mall of america.

9. attend the Olympics.

10. be fluent in another language.

11. eat haggis from Scotland.

12. spend 24 hours blind.

13. see the northern lights.

14. color my hair purple.

15. jump on a tramp for two hours straight.

16. stay awake all night, one night at girls camp.

17. see a tornado in person.

18. register as an organ donor.

19. have a story published on MLIA.

20. go a year without sugar.

21. crowd surf at a concert.

22. own 20 pairs of toms.

23. pet a tiger.

24. adopt a child.

25. help someone cross the street.

26. read 1,000 books.

27. See 15 midnight showings in a year.

28. fall in love.

29. write a book.

30. see the all 7 great wonders of the world.

31. go to a broadway show.

32. kiss someone on new years, in new york city.

33. play hide-and-seek in IKEA.

34. go to chuck-a-rama, and not vomit afterwards.

35. learn how to ice skate.

36. be able to say "hello" in 50 different languages.

37. ride in a hot air balloon.

38. go and see the Van Gogh Museum in Holland.

39. climb up the statue of liberty.

40. be consistant in yoga.

41. grow orchids.

42. mush a dog sled.

43. become a teacher.

44. have someone buy me a star and name it after me.

45. be an extra in a film.

46. write a book designed for teenagers, and teenagers only.

47. get over my fear of needles (Balenephobia).

48. volunteer at a soup kitchen.

49. meet the current LDS prophet.

50. become and early riser.

51. take up crocheting.

52. learn how to actually jump on a pogo stick.

53. keep bees.

54. take a ride on the polar express.

55. wear a nerdy "napoleon dynamite" wolf and moon shirt to school.

56. achieve my ideal weight.

57. join a club centered around harry potter.

58. buy a ferbie.

59. volunteer at a disaster sight.

60. own a dog named Mr. Carillo.

61. compete in a poetry slam.

62. milk a goat.

63. ride a mechanical bull.

64. start a business.

65. learn how to do the vulcan salute (star trek) with my left hand.

66. stay in a igloo hotel.

67. have a throw down in a ghost town.

68. see a platypus.

69. have twins.

70. leave a 100% tip for someone who deserved it.

71. paint my right hand's fingernails perfectly.

72. doorbell ditch 10 houses in a line, with 10 friends, at the exact same time.

73. solve a Rubik cube.

74. start and participate in a food fight.

75. go on an unplanned road trip.

76. go to a drive in movie.

77. carve my name into a tree.

78. put dish soap in a fountain.

79. come up with my own food recipe, and have it actually taste good.

80. own an original piece of artwork.

81. design shoes.

82. find a long lost relative.

83. learn sign language.

84. find myself a life theme song.

85. break one of my own bones, and get an awesome cast.

86. go a whole week without popping and part of my body (fingers, back, neck, toes ect...).

87. buy a jeep.

88. spend a week alone.

89. go parasailing.

90. learn how to throw a boomerang.

91. steal a "for sale" sign, from someone that I love who is moving away.

92. learn how to french braid hair.

93. go to a mall and not buy anything at all.

94. own a duck.

95. see one of my old elementary school teachers and recognize them..

96. find my long lost friends from my springville elementary school.

97. watch a super scary movie all the way through (without hiding behind pillows, people, ect..).

98. stand under a waterfall.

99. cover my whole driveway in chalk.

100. be 100% satisfied with life.


man skirts, colds, and piano music.

I don't think that I can describe today with just one word. it was funny, with a dash of sickness, and a little optimism. My "friend" John Ah Mu (yes you may notice the "" marks, and there is a story, but i don't really want to talk about it today. and i could take up a lot of space even if i just talk about him. so I'm not going to right now.) is Samoan, half or fourth I'm not sure. Well it is missionary week in seminary, and to get 5 points you have to wear church appropriate dress. And John showed so much courage and confidence today. He wore a "man skirt". I'm not sure what it is called in Samoa, but it was sure funny. Sometimes that kid just makes me laugh like none other. People in Samoa wear that kind of church dress, and John wanted to show it off. But to tell you the truth i couldn't take him serious while he was wearing it. While walking to our lockers everyone was staring at him, some were laughing, some were pointing. But did john become self conscious? No way. I was astonished by the confidence he had.

Winter. I love it. the smells of fresh baked bread, the music, the family time, and the hot chocolate running down your throat. I absolutely love it. But there is one thing about the winter time that kills me. being sick. this is common occurrence at my house with my family. and i hate it. so much. I think i have been sick a total of ten times this winter. and I am sick right now, and it is killing me slowly. My parent still make me go to school, and i try to plaster on a smile for it. But it doesn't really work out for me, considering i walk up to get a tissue about every 3 minutes.

Piano. I hate it, but secretly i love it. I hate it when i have to practice stupid songs that i don't like out of a stupid piano book. I love it when i find some really cool song that i enjoy playing. but i usually don't. So i had piano lessons today, and i had to tell my teacher the truth, the fact that i didn't practice once that week. I don't think that she was surprised or disappointed, because sometimes it is a regular thing for me. but today a spark went off in my head. and i am somewhat excited for practicing........

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” - Maria Robinson


Hello Blog (:

So I'm writing this blog. I wouldn't say it is for fun. Probably because I don't really write in a journal or diary everyday, and maybe i can just count this. I live in Utah, a state everybody hates except for myself. I personally love Utah, and wouldn't change anything about it. This IS the place. Yes. I am a sheltered child. And i love it. I live in a great neighborhood, where there are great people, and not that much to talk about. There isn't that much excitement, unless somebody new moves in. And sometimes i have to feel bad for the newcomers, because they are bombarded with brownies and jell-Os's of all kinds. I go to a Jr. High filled with gossip and trends. I don't really enjoy school, but I like to learn. If i didn't have to learn in an environment that smelled like B.O. and old grouchy teachers, then maybe i would like going just a little bit more. One thing that i hate is math, I'm good at it, and i can understand it quickly but i personally hate it. All of my previous math teachers have expressed that you use math in your everyday life. But I find no need for it until you are a parent and have to teach your children, and they will grow up and teach their children. It is just a never-ending circle of equations and triangles. If it wasn't for the social part of school, i think i would go absolutely insane. I love those five minutes between class when you bump into a friend and talk for a few short minutes that pass way to quickly. Our school only has lunch for 25 minutes, which i think is absolutely ridiculous. If you buy a lunch at school you are usually in line for about 10-15 minutes, and then you have to shove down your food while having some sort of social life in 10 minutes. Since im talking about school i may want to do my homework.....