Right now. I'm on my phone. Typing this.
Isn't it amazing that I can be laying in my bed, and blogging at the same time?! Technology is great. Simply great.
Well sadly I know that I haven't written on my blog for quite some time. But it's been a hard while for me. I would explain, but it's way too long. So in the future I'll have a whole blog post all about it. But long story short, my brain lives in hell almost everyday because of my darn chronic migraines. But that's okay and that's life.

Anyways. I'm a senior now, and actually have been for a while now. And let me tell you I was sick of it by the end of day one.

"Oh Sam! You're gonna love being a senior! It's the best year."
Shut your mouth!
Dear future seniors: (and not like senior citizens...) (but if you are a senior citizen and know how to work the Internet without forwarding a billion emails, then good for you! You're one step ahead from my grandparents!) (ps. Will someone tell my grandma that I don't want an email about a horse? I don't like them.) IT'S A TRAP!
Seriously though. On the first day, you think you're so cool. I mean you're the oldest now! You rule the school! Then you look down, and you realize who you rule. You rule your old lame tenth grade self. But like way shorter. (They get shorter every year) Don't say you weren't lame during your sophomore year. Because we all were. Here's some pretty cool examples..
1. I never wore my hair up to school.
2. A kid told me he loved me right after our first kiss.
3. My backpack was hanging down to my butt.
4. I never wore sweats.
HA! What a joke now.
1. Now, I don't even look at myself in the mirror on most days. Nobody is worth the fuss at my school. Heck, Bryce isn't worth the fuss on some days. Sorry Bryce, but you go to college! (Why yes! Yes reader Bryce and I are still together. Crazy huh?more on that later though...)
2. Dear kid that said that: please take a serious look at yourself and pray to heavens above that you don't do that again. Now, don't think that I'm saying you can't be in love at a young age. Heck I started dating the man I love at age 16. But really? That was kinda quick, don't you think? I mean, I know I'm insanely charming and enchanting, but come on!
3. That was cool when you were in sixth grade. Wait, no. One arming it was the cool thing to do. Didn't we all do this? Have our backpack straps loosened all the way down that they wobbled to and fro. We could tie them in a knot we could tie them in a bow. Ha.... That's kind of lame. And how can that be healthy for your back?! It's not. And if I was a principal I would ban it for eternity. Yup, even in heaven.
4. Idiot move right there. Sweats are Gods gift to men, but mostly me. And it's that simple.

So peace and see y'all tomorrow.

Ps. Here's a Mickey Mouse waffle I tried to make. It turned into a pancake. I call it a paffle. Amen